For many years drawing was the way of identifying myself with the purposes of life. I know it sounds very dramatic, but I can't change the way I have been perceiving the world. I couldn't ever imagine living one day without drawing. Still, the drawings are a kind of diary of those times. Emotions, deepest thoughts and intellectual provocations, all of them like facts, were written down onto paper using ink and pens. I had my drawings published in the press, the journal ‘bruLion’ and magazines such as ‘Korek’ and ‘Antena Krzyku’, which were linked with the independent music scene in Poland.

My favourite narrative theme of photography is landscape, which can also be an urban environment. As preferable method, I chose the infrared technique of photography as living organisms (plants, trees) mainly reflect infrared light the best. Therefore a landscape becomes the most photogenic subject, especially when shot in intense bright natural light. The infrared (IR) term relates to the spectrum of light that is not visible to our eyes. This method allows the unseen to be photographed. The pursuit of mystery and how the light emerges from darkness is the favorite subject for my images. I don’t reveal the mystery; I just want to show that the mystery is there!

I have lots of expectations from science believing that the description of the reality can be much more exciting than we are taught in school. I am disappointed in mankind for its attitude towards animals and the environment and crucially for neglecting the liberating potential that comes from an understanding of our unique place in the Universe